Jacques Fortier, Founding President of DAP International Inc., graduated in 1980 from the University of Ottawa with a Business Administration degree. He subsequently held the position of Controller at LP Royer. He resigned in 1982 in order to join the Attraction Group management team as Director of Sales, and where he led the company to stand out over its competition.

Eager to share his knowledge, Mr. Fortier decided in 1989 to create DAP International: a marketing company focused on Quebec’s manufactured products sector and targeting the eastern Canada and the northeastern US markets. Since 1989, Mr. Fortier has sold hundreds of products through the wholesale business.

DAP International’s activities target mainly the specialized markets for:

  1. Construction and renovation materials
  2. Horticultural products
  3. Rustic wooden furniture

The marketing is done through a wide and well-established distribution network. At DAP International, we adapt the marketing plan to the factory’s production capacity and to the entrepreneur’s objectives.

By 2015, Mr. Fortier is considering adding “Coaching and Training” to his service offering.